The highlight of the "Jersey Boys" opening night party Saturday came when the cast led the 1,600 guests in a doo-wop version of "Happy Birthday" to the original Jersey Boy himself, Frankie Valli.

Valli was joined at the opening by original Four Seasons Bob Gaudio and Tommy DeVito.

The fourth, Nick Massi, died in 2000.

Valli gave the stamp of approval on Rick Faugno (who portrays Valli) and the rest of the cast by saying, "These guys are sensational."

The feeling is mutual. Said Faugno when he brought the three originals onstage at Palazzo for a curtain call: "These guys lived their lives far better than we could ever hope to play them on this stage."

Jeremy Kushnier (DeVito), Erich Bergen (Gaudio) and Jeff Leibow (Massi) round out the four leads who tell the story of the remarkable highs and lows of The Four Seasons, from the streets of Newark to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.

The red carpet included John Cleese, Wayne Brady, Rita Rudner, Las Vegas Sands' Sheldon Adelson, Planet Hollywood boss Robert Earl, and Frankie Avalon.

At the party they were treated to go-go dancers, classic '60s tunes and more then $1.2 million in vintage autos from the private collection of Las Vegas Sands honcho Bill Weidner.